An Embroidered Talisman for Baby

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A Talisman for Baby

Embroidered talismans were very popular in the old Slavic culture. The talisman is an object containing the magical power of providing good luck and protection for the possessor. It’s believed to be charged with the magical powers by the creator, and embroidery is considered practically the most significant charging process. Generally, the ancient solar symbols are used for stitched talismans. In Belarusan culture they were also used on embroidered ritual towels, clothing, and home linens. In fact, all our stitched shirts, head wears, belts, etc., are talismans.
For my baby talismans I choose symbols that are commonly used for children. The first one is Radzinets, Kin-Birth-Spirit.
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Designed by Iryna Varabei
Spirit of Belarus

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