I Love Frogs

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Designer Jo Gatenby has been amazed, over the years, by the things people collect! Turtles, unicorns, dragonflies…and yes, frogs! So there may be more charts like this one coming in the future, because once she does something for one group … Continued

Westdale Cardigan

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Can a knitter in fall possibly have too many sweaters? It hardly seems possible! The Westdale cardigan is a comfortable, cabled knit, with extra coziness hidden in the hood. Practice your basic cables across several complementary patterns that travel up … Continued

Oceans Sweater

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The Ocean Sweater is a one of a kind design that I completed in October 2010. Inspired by the charm of the bold and beautiful Atlantic Ocean, I imitated the blue and white of the ever-changing, yet constant and welcoming … Continued

Mountain Climb Sweater

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This beautifully cabled sweater conjures up the days spent climbing mountain tops in the Alps. Make it and wear it to keep you warm throughout the mid seasons. Read more in our Fall 2014 issue. Designed by Anna Stoklosa www.creative-design-art.com/creative-knitting

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