Oceans Sweater

Oceans Sweater
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Oceans Sweater


Oceans Sweater – cables

Oceans Sweater inside collar

[/span4][/columns] The Ocean Sweater is a one of a kind design that I completed in October 2010. Inspired by the charm of the bold and beautiful Atlantic Ocean, I imitated the blue and white of the ever-changing, yet constant and welcoming sea foam. The goal of the design was that it had to be as unique and intriguing as the tide that hits the shore.
Several elements of the ocean are integrated in the sweater such as the calm texture of the stocking stitch for the sand, the cables for the waves, the two-colour crochet strings that hold the cables together to showcase the beauty of the waves, and the edges finished to mimic sea foam. The silver buttons imply glittering water.
I am a poet, and can easily make a connection between nature and designer clothing.

Imagine a walk on the beach captured in knitting and you will have a visual idea of what Anna Stoklosa’s award winning “Ocean” sweater design looks like in person. The 2012 first place winner of the Canadian competition for knitting and crochet at the CreativFestival in Toronto, took home a prize and her unique approach to knitwear design was recognized nationally.

“Knitting is the work of imagination and visualization of colours combined with texture,” Anna states on her website. She believes that knitted garments should suit the wearer in an “outstanding way”.

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Designed by Anna Stoklosa

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