Elemental Fractal Series Part 1 of 4 Earth

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Elemental Fractal Series Part 1 of 4 Earth

I have always been fascinated by Fractals… things like those childhood kaleidoscopes, or Spirograph, would keep me entertained for hours! So, when I was considering ideas for an elemental series, the natural fractals found in nature were irresistible. Though I’ve taken a few liberties (the first Elemental Fractal in the series – AIR – and the last one – FIRE – are actually repeat reflections, rather than true fractals), I hope you enjoy stitching this series as much as I enjoyed designing it! The entire series is stitched on black fabric, but if that’s not your favourite, stitch on white and simply fill in all the background stitching! Add at least 3 rows of stitching on each side – or stitch right out to the edge of your frame!

Download pattern.
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Designed by Jo Gatenby
X’s & Oh’s
RR 3
Tweed, Ontario K0K 3J0

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