Words of Comfort Punchneedle Wall Hanging

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Words of Comfort Punchneedle Wall Hanging

When I sat down to think about words of gratitude and wisdom, I couldn’t nail down just one. The past two years have been hard for everyone, but there were many things that I was grateful for during this time and the words in my design reflect this. I always count home, family, and friends as the things I am most grateful for and during covid staying healthy was topmost on everyone’s minds. Working all through Covid as a frontline pharmacist was at times very stressful, and my creative pursuits such as quilting, punchneedle, and embroidery helped me to balance my mind and emotions. We lost three pets during covid and adopted a 12-year-old rescue dog (who LOVES his daily walks), so the paw prints represent how grateful I am for the presence of all of them in my life. And of course, coffee…how would I survive without THAT!!

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Designed by Christine Baker
Fairfield Road Designs
P.O Box 64
Brockville, ON K6V 5T7

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