Grace Rug

Grace Rug

The word grace has several different meanings, the one I think of most when I chose to hook it was “courteous goodwill”, for that is something we all need at times. This year I have thought a lot about the word grace, and I have tried to carry the thought with me. It reminds me not to be short tempered, inconsiderate, or intolerant of minor things. Mind you, I don’t always get it right. When I don’t get it right, I have this word hanging around my studio to remind myself of my misdemeanours. It’s quite helpful having a word to carry around with you as you go about your life. Even more so if you have it hanging on the walls of your home or studio.

Hooking the word makes me really think about it; not just it’s meaning as a definition but about what it means for me and why I chose it. I have so much to be grateful for. I get to hook rugs every day and live a creative life and business. I know that I have this not only because of hard work but because of grace. I have benefitted so much from the grace of others who have given me opportunities, shared their space with me, and supported me in my work and business. I am immensely grateful.

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