Monthly Archives: December 2021

The concept and importance of RESILIENCE

2020 was a difficult year for most, adapting to a whole new way of life. From a personal standpoint, the pandemic was but one of the events that changed my life. That, paired with personal loss and everything that brought about, and then the loss of my job made for a complicated year. One of […]

Give Thanks Table Runner

Words are powerful and can mean many things, depending on their usage. They can be uplifting, and they can bring us down. We’re fortunate to have the power and freedom of speech where we live. There were many possibilities with the theme of Words of Gratitude and Wisdom; the dilemma was which one to choose. […]

Family and Friends Quilt

When the theme of this issue was announced I had no idea what word to use, much less the technique I’d use. I asked my Facebook friends what positive words best reflected the pandemic. There were many great words, but three that stuck with me were family, friends, and awakening. As a single person living […]

Live a Life Quilt

Words are powerful and can be used in many ways: labels, meanings, connotations, implications. The words that capture this last year and a half with Covid for me are mental health. So much about our environment changed and continues to change and the implications to everyone’s mental health may not be understood for a while. […]

Words of Gratitude and Wisdom Tree Subway Art

When I learned of the theme for this issue was exploring Words of Gratitude and Wisdom, I immediately thought of how popular subway art is in machine embroidery. I also pictured a family tree but instead of using family names, I pictured words of gratitude and wisdom that reflect both how we felt during the […]

Beautiful Quilt Journal

I ran across an anonymous quote recently about beauty and quilting. I thought this little bit of wisdom was very appropriate for the front of the quilt journal I planned to make. I also wanted to use metallic threads to embellish the journal cover to make it extra special, as it will be a gift […]

Working with Metallic Threads

Not too long ago, I discovered metallic threads. Actually, that’s not true. I’ve known about metallic threads for quite some time, and in fact I even have several spools of the shiny, liquid ‘angel hair’ in my thread drawer – I just never had the nerve to try them out on any of my quilting […]