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Abstract Quilted Landscape

While I don’t consider myself an artist in creating a true-to-life landscape, I can create the illusion of a landscape in the form of abstract art. I’ve made several abstract landscapes, each different from the other. In Summer’s Over quilt featured here with the black border reminds me of an aerial view of grain fields […]

Give Thanks Table Runner

Words are powerful and can mean many things, depending on their usage. They can be uplifting, and they can bring us down. We’re fortunate to have the power and freedom of speech where we live. There were many possibilities with the theme of Words of Gratitude and Wisdom; the dilemma was which one to choose. […]

Dazzling Diamonds Table Runners

I keep everything! I made these blocks several years ago for a QUILTsocial blog post. I’ve no idea what project resulted in these cutoff pieces. I recognize the fabric, but the project…? No idea! So, when I heard that the theme for Issue 56 was Neutral with a Pop of Color, I knew it was […]