Reversible Oven Mitt

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Wool is a naturally flame-retardant fibre which makes it safer to have in the kitchen than many other fibres. Historically, woolen blankets were dampened and used to smother small fires. These oven mitts are fulled after they are completed. Often … Continued

Lined Tea Cozy

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Cynthia made the bargello needlepoint in the photo on the right several decades ago. The Lined Tea Cozy and the Reversible Oven Mitt were inspired by this piece that is still displayed in her livingroom today. Read more in our … Continued

Soothing Gifts

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Give some soothing gifts this holiday season. All it takes is some fabric from your stash, a few easy-to-find supplies, and you’re on track to provide some comfort and joy! Cold Quilts, soothing eye-masks, and old fashioned, but fun, lavender … Continued

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