Bra-making 101 – Part 2

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Zig-zag stitching

Sewing underarm area

Topstitching of bra

In Part 1 of Bra-making 101 (ANPTmag Summer 2013) we described the measuring process and the supplies required to make your own bra. Included was the layout diagram so you should have your bra all cut out at this point and other supplies you will need at hand. Ready? Let’s start our sew-along!

It is recommended that you consider your first bra a trial garment, so you can perfect the fit if need be. A bra is not like other garments – you need to finish a bra before you can really tell which parts need fixing. Sometimes, if the bra is tried on before it is completed, we might mistake areas that need adjusting; but when the bra is completed, that area may not have needed any alterations at all. If you are concerned about wasting fabric and supplies, sew it together with longer straight stitches and big zig-zag stitches so they can be easily picked out.
Read more in our Festive 2013 issue.

by Beverly Johnson
Bra-makers Supply
308 Ottawa Street North
Hamilton, Ontario L8H 3Z9

2 Responses

  1. Alva Cannon

    Looking for a gizmo to pull the back of the bra down so it doesn’t show underneath a very low backed wedding dress. Can’t find anything here in Brantford. Do you have something:? Help – the wedding is July 25.

    • Carla A. Canonico

      Hi Alva…
      Congratulations on the wedding… !!! Those gizmos are hard to find… however, it is easy to make one yourself from a hook and eye and a length of elastic that hooks into the existing bra back and wraps around the body to hold the back band down out of sight. sell the elastic and the hooks and eyes and it would be easy to make it yourself in about 2 minutes!
      The price would depend on the width of the hook and eye required and how much elastic to go around your chest. I would think it would be under $5 for sure! Contact Beverley at Bra-Makers Supply she’ll get you the items you need.

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