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Gift Card Pockets

Gift Card Pockets Pattern - Festive 2011

These little Gift Card Pockets emerged from bits and pieces of my craft stash. I wanted to create some keepsake-quality gift card presentations that I didn’t have to buy along with the card. The pockets are also cost-effective because they use up little bits and pieces. Everyone has different things in their scrap bins, so […]

Knitting (or Crafting) for Gift Giving

Handmade knitted gifts

Knit Together with Cynthia MacDougall Crafters tend to be generous people. We have to be – if we weren’t, our linen cupboards and closets would be full of the things we make. The reaction to our handmade gifts fall anywhere on a spectrum that ranges from wild appreciation to gracious (or not-so-gracious) acceptance. With the […]

Soothing Gifts

Soothing Gifts

Give some soothing gifts this holiday season. All it takes is some fabric from your stash, a few easy-to-find supplies, and you’re on track to provide some comfort and joy! Cold Quilts, soothing eye-masks, and old fashioned, but fun, lavender sachets make great presents and takes very little time, money, or effort to provide lasting […]