Gift Card Pockets

Gift Card Pockets Pattern - Festive 2011

Gift Card Pockets Pattern - Festive 2011

These little Gift Card Pockets emerged from bits and pieces of my craft stash. I wanted to create some keepsake-quality gift card presentations that I didn’t have to buy along with the card. The pockets are also cost-effective because they use up little bits and pieces. Everyone has different things in their scrap bins, so these instructions are general guidelines. Play around with colours to match a theme or a season.

I’ve used natural linen as the background fabric because it is a perfect medium for all kinds of embellishment. I like the way linen has both a smooth and crisp paper-like surface and a subtle fluidity.

I found that dampening it with a spray of plain water and then steaming it with the iron helped get the worst of the wrinkles out. Once it’s smooth, iron on some light-weight interfacing to the wrong side of the linen. This will prevent the linen from shifting, and stabilizes it for stitching

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Designed by Nancy Devine
Heaven is Hand Made
[email protected]