Oops-a-Daisy Christmas Tree Ornament Elves

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Oops-a-Daisy Christmas Tree Ornament Elves
Have you ever had a cat climb your Christmas tree? You know what chaos can result. Imagine if the ornaments come alive when this happens and they all scramble to save themselves as the tree is being shaken. That is the image that comes to mind with the whimsical elves designed by doll maker Colleen Babcock. Their look of surprise as they appear to grab for branches makes one think the cat has just reached the star at the top of the tree.
“My inspirations usually ‘pop’ into my head,” says Colleen, which is how the Christmas tree elves came to be. When she was asked to create a project for A Needle Pulling Thread, the image of elves falling out of a tree or getting caught in the act of playing on the branches sprang into her head. To make creation of the elves a little easier, she is providing the faces for them that can be traced onto the face fabric or printed on it using an inkjet printer. She understands that drawing faces can intimidate, so she is providing the faces to allow makers to “just have fun”.
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Download the PDF pattern now.

Designed by Colleen Babcock
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