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Glitter in the Snow Winter Accessories

Glitter in the Snow Winter Accessories

Knitting with beads is a simple way to add shine and texture for more glamorous accessories. Test the beads to ensure that washing won’t damage them before adding them to the yarn. Stringing larger beads is not difficult although there is minor wear on the yarn as beads are slid into position. Slide the beads […]

Snowflakes & Evergreens Cardigan

Snowflakes & Evergreens Cardigan

The Snowflakes and Evergreens Cardigan is a Fair Isle cardigan with winter elements which will quickly become a favourite during the cold winter months. The large shawl collar can be turned up against a windy day and the sleeves are generously sized to allow for layering. This design is knitted circularly whenever possible, using steeks […]

Victorian Lace Scarf

Victorian Lace Scarf Pattern - Festive 2011

For this scarf, the motif is stacked, but it can be varied: put the motif in different locations; use graph paper and chart out the motif in a pattern that appeals to you. Read more in our Festive 2011 issue. Download the PDF pattern now. Designed by Cynthia MacDougall www.CGKnitters.ca blog: cgknitters.ca/blog/ ravelry name: macknitnow

Have you heard of a Circular Sock Knitting Machine?

Sock Knitting Machine - ANPTmag

Do you know circular sock knitting machines were manufactured on Davenport Road in Toronto, and also in Georgetown and Montreal in the early 1900s? Can you make a pair of socks in just over one hour? Let me share with you my journey of knitting socks and more on these wonderful antique machines. Being a […]

Swiss Cheese Shrug

Swiss Cheese Shrug Pattern - Fall 2016

When asked what inspired this shrug, I chuckled before answering, wondering about the reaction I was going to get. I’m Swiss and everyone is familiar with Swiss cheese. I thought it would be humorous to design a shrug that mimicked Swiss cheese. As a designer, it’s liberating to express the funny side of life now […]

Leaves in the Wind Hat

Leaves in the Wind Hat Pattern - Fall 2016

When leaves start falling in autumn, you’ll need a hat. If the wind is blowing you can pull this one down right over your ears. The brim is lined for extra warmth; the lining also covers the long floats that occur in the charted section. Two yarns are used in knitting this hat, Universal Yarns […]