Corset Fabulous

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I was approached in February 2010 to take part in Corsets: Fabulous Fashion Accessories*, a fashion show held at the Fall 2010 CreativFestival in Toronto, Ontario. Over the years as a Costume Builder, I have sewn many corsets. The corset … Continued

Springtime Legs

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In the spring, everyone, Canadians especially, quickly don their capris and shorts. But the weather can still be cool. Knee highs allow us to take full advantage of the sun, and still protect against that chill. The side lace panels … Continued

Busting Clothes Moth Myths

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Knit Together with Cynthia MacDougall Decades ago, when spring cleaning was an all-out ritual, housewives would wash all the winter woollies. Then they would wash down all the cupboards before replacing the winter garments. Woollen rugs were draped over the … Continued

Reversible Oven Mitt

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Wool is a naturally flame-retardant fibre which makes it safer to have in the kitchen than many other fibres. Historically, woolen blankets were dampened and used to smother small fires. These oven mitts are fulled after they are completed. Often … Continued

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