Glitter in the Snow Winter Accessories

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Glitter in the Snow Winter Accessories

Knitting with beads is a simple way to add shine and texture for more glamorous accessories. Test the beads to ensure that washing won’t damage them before adding them to the yarn. Stringing larger beads is not difficult although there is minor wear on the yarn as beads are slid into position. Slide the beads down the yarn while stringing and knitting to have more thread available as you’re working. Carefully remove any fuzz that builds up on the yarn so the beads will slide easily. To keep track of the beads when threading them, line up each diamond section and separate each row as the beads are strung. Always have extra beads available when stringing beads, in case a bead will not fit over the threaded needle. Don’t force the bead onto the needle or it will break.

Read more in our Winter 2016 issue.
Download the PDF pattern now.

Designed by Brenda Franklin

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