Have you heard of a Circular Sock Knitting Machine?

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Sock Knitting Machine - ANPTmag

Do you know circular sock knitting machines were manufactured on Davenport Road in Toronto, and also in Georgetown and Montreal in the early 1900s? Can you make a pair of socks in just over one hour?

Let me share with you my journey of knitting socks and more on these wonderful antique machines. Being a hand knitter for many years, I purchased a 1925 Auto Knitter Sock Machine from a friend’s mother. This machine was manufactured on Davenport Road in Toronto and sold to my friend’s mother in Montreal and eventually made its way to me in Oakville, where I lived at the time.

The machine is a marvelous piece of engineering.

I received it in its original packing crate with the Davenport Road, Toronto address printed on the outside in beautiful calligraphy. Also included was the original operating manual, all accessories, a swift, bobbin winder, bobbins, two cylinders (one with 60 needles and the other with 80) and a ribber.

What fun it was to open that box!

Read more in our Fall 2016 issue.

Article by Marnie J. Parkin
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