Best Witches

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Jo says this is probably one of the most challenging pieces she’s ever created, because the 3D image on the fabric became part of the design process. Fortunately for you, she’s done all the hard work, figuring out how to … Continued

I Love Frogs

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Designer Jo Gatenby has been amazed, over the years, by the things people collect! Turtles, unicorns, dragonflies…and yes, frogs! So there may be more charts like this one coming in the future, because once she does something for one group … Continued

Summer Santa

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The second in a series of 4 seasonal santas, Summer Santa is resting up. Shhhhh. Read more in our Summer 2013 issue. Designed by Maria E. Gollek www.marnicdesigns.com Aspiring to inspire before I expire

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