Mardi Gras Jester

Mardis Gras Jester
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Mardi Gras Jester work


Mardis Gras Jester


During the summer of 2010, my wife and I took a driving trip to New Orleans. Staying in the French Quarter at the corner of Canal and Bourbon, we had a wonderful taste of New Orleans sites, sounds, and smells.  Within walking distance of some of the world’s best restaurants, and always within earshot of great jazz, we tried to experience as much as we could in the hot sultry summer months.
One of the highlights of our sightseeing was visiting Blaine Kern’s Mardi Gras World. It is here that many of the floats and parades for Mardi Gras are made from beginning to end. We had a first hand tour of how the floats are created and then the opportunity to see many completed floats in the large warehouse.
It was in the museum that I took this picture. When I returned home and looked at it, I was inspired to create a cross stitch piece that would capture the colour and festiveness of New Orleans for our home.  The face and colours in this piece shout New Orleans and Mardi Gras, creating a wonderful reminder of our trip.
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Designed by Kerry Johnson
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You can find more on Blaine Kern’s Mardi Gras World at www.mardigrasworld.com.