Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Mother’s Day wallhanging
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Mother’s Day wallhanging


Father’s Day wallhanging


Every once in a while a designer gets an idea that takes on a life of its own. It was like that for me when I came up with my FAVOURITE THINGS idea. There were so many ways to go – seasons, holidays, hobbies, animals…this could be the never-ending series! While I explored only a few of the concepts that keep arising with this theme, I am pleased to provide A Needle Pulling Thread with a series of designs based on the favourite holidays in our lives!
We begin with MOTHER’S DAY and FATHER’S DAY, because they are the most important people in our lives! Watch for more holiday designs in this charming series, coming in future issues!
Read more in our Spring 2009 issue.

Designed by Jo Gatenby
[email protected]