Monthly Archives: June 2021

Crochet Bohemian Cardi

When I think back to my first memories of Boho crochet, I see the hemp bags, and cotton bralettes that the flower children would wear in the ‘70s. Music festivals in farmers’ fields, and a new awareness of the environment fed that style. I was too young to attend those cultural events then. 40 years […]

Elemental Fractal Series Part 1 of 4 Earth

I have always been fascinated by Fractals… things like those childhood kaleidoscopes, or Spirograph, would keep me entertained for hours! So, when I was considering ideas for an elemental series, the natural fractals found in nature were irresistible. Though I’ve taken a few liberties (the first Elemental Fractal in the series – AIR – and […]

The Folktale of Baba Yaga

What better story to highlight for the trees theme than the folktale of Baba Yaga? It’s a Belarusan folktale, set deep in the massive forest, that has been used to spook children over dozens of centuries in an attempt to get them to behave! Among the snaggy trees lives the ferocious witch Baba Yaga in […]

Cardinal Woods Quilt

There is nothing more beautiful than the stark contrast of the Red Cardinal against a bright winter sky. The inspiration behind this piece are the pair of cardinals that nest in Clodagh’s trees every year. Instructions complete with templates. Download pattern. Read more in our Issue 55. Designed by Clodagh Coker The Quilt Store 17817 […]