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Autumnal Tea Pot Cozy and Mat

Add a little pizzazz to your afternoon teatime with matching tea cozies and mat sets. The cozies are a perfect fit for your favourite Brown Betty teapots and the mats are a nice complement to your table. Read more in our Issue 45. Download the PDF pattern now. Designed by Ruth I. Forbes www.nanaruth.com [email protected]

4 Seasons Mug Cozies

The only thing that feels better than holding a hot drink in your hands on a cold day is holding a hot drink wrapped in fabric. The paper drink sleeves are good, but when you start using a fabric sleeve, you’ll never go back. This project gives you one sleeve for every season and they […]

LOVE! In Fall Appliqué Button Art

My goal is to get young adults and children into our sewing rooms! My hope is that by using buttons and simple techniques, these future fibre artists and quilters will find success and be inspired to continue sewing. The combination of free motion quilting on the flowers, appliqué on the letters and button embellishments, makes […]

Quick, Cool & Colourful Small Batch Ice Dyeing

Quick, Cool & Colourful Small Batch Ice Dyeing Pattern - Fall 2016

I took a dye class through my local school board and was hooked. Playing with various techniques at home, I discovered that dyeing yardage in an apartment is a challenge, that fat quarters are more suitable to my circumstances and style of working and that Shibori and ice dyeing are my favourite techniques. As much […]

Artist Review – Cathy Climpson

[columns] [span6] [/span6][span6] [/span6][/columns] I took a workshop with Jennifer Day in Santa Fe, New Mexico in September 2015. We had to submit a picture to her for our piece. Our dog Chloe had passed away and I wanted to do a picture of her. The picture was enlarged and printed on cotton then layered […]

Have you heard of a Circular Sock Knitting Machine?

Sock Knitting Machine - ANPTmag

Do you know circular sock knitting machines were manufactured on Davenport Road in Toronto, and also in Georgetown and Montreal in the early 1900s? Can you make a pair of socks in just over one hour? Let me share with you my journey of knitting socks and more on these wonderful antique machines. Being a […]