Artist Review – Monika Kinner-Whalen

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I have been threadpainting the local prairie since 2009. With my camera in hand, I look for things to stitch. I like openness, and the ability to see far. I try to capture lush, full foregrounds to give a stage to hand stitching that I blend with machine work.

Prairie City was quite unintentional. I was out capturing the evening sun as it glowed through the grasses above the riverbank. The ditches lining the road were in full bloom. Back in my studio as I was going through my photos, I noticed the hint of downtown skyline. I did not realized I photographed it! There was something that struck me about seeing the city like that, right there as part of the prairie landscape. I quite enjoyed the urban/rural combination, and decided it would make an interesting composition.

Read more in our Fall 2016 issue.

Article by Monika Kinner-Whalen
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada
Textile Artist Specializing in Embroidery

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