Spring Keys

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Who, pray tell, is not bothered with winter yet? We anxiously watch the weather forecast on TV, waiting for someone to conjure up some sign of spring. To shorten the time until spring’s arrival our ancestors would gather to sing … Continued

Lucky Charm Bookmark

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In this edition of ANPTmag, it is with great excitement to explore with you this distinctive type of Belarusan stitching technique called ‘Wicker Stitch’. I’m still in the process of discovering more about this ancient yet very popular technique adapted … Continued

Ripples on Water #3

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Traditional Belarusan geometrical patterns link present-day stitchers to an ancestral past to which they feel a great connection. Used primarily in woven coverlets, these patterns are an essential piece of Belarusan history. Even more precious to me are my great-grandmother’s … Continued

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