Embroidered Pillows

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Embroidered Pillows

A simple backstitch and a bright colour and some time will result in a delightful pillow to brighten your decor in the warmer weather. Designer Cindy Edwards of Davidson, Saskatchewan, has a pillow for every season, but she is beginning with the bright pinks and reds of Valentine’s Day.
“I’ve always liked to draw, so I start with an idea and then I sketch it,” Cindy explains, when asked how she comes up with her designs.
Cindy calls herself a “primitive stitcher” because she likes simple lines and few colours in a style that is popular in the United States. “I prefer to use a small number of colours because I don’t like the design to become too complicated.”
She also likes to create nostalgia with her designs. The autumn version of the project is her grandmother’s house that is stitched in the same tone of grey as the original.
Born and raised in Saskatchewan, this designer, who has had her designs published in numerous magazines, prefers the satisfaction of doing all her work by hand, she admits. “The handwork reminds me of the days when people did all their work by hand. Sometimes, I think we are losing our roots by moving away from hand work. I wonder why we would turn a simple craft into a mechanized one.”

“I hope these designs bring back memories of your youth or maybe conjure thoughts of a simpler life.”

Read more in our Spring 2009 issue.
Designed by Cindy Edwards
Box 988
Davidson, SK S0G 1A0
[email protected]

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