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Embellished for the Holidays

Embellished for the Holidays Pattern - Festive 2011

If you are thinking of creating a new jacket for the holidays there are many opportunities to add embellished pieces to it including a large or small collar and pocket flaps. The embellished jacket is especially perfect for office functions during the holidays.The jacket used for this project was already made, taken apart and creatively […]

Not Your Grandma’s Twin Set

Tweed Jacket
[columns] [span6] Tweed Jacket [/span6][span6] Lacy Shell [/span6][/columns] Here’s a new twist on the timeless Twin Set!  Instead of matching patterns and colours we reverse the colour combination for each piece and use completely different stitch patterns for each. The juxtaposition of a lacy stitch for the shell with venerable tweed for the jacket gives […]

Kokimono Reading Jacket

Kokimono Reading Jacket

In keeping with our “me time” theme, this reading jacket was designed for comfort. Worked in a cotton yarn, it is “summertime cozy”. For a more wintery version, choose a nice, medium (worsted) weight wool. To accommodate today’s technology, the sleeves have been designed to be roomy enough to hold an iPod ®, MP3 player […]

Mountain Joy Cardigan

Mountain Joy Cardigan
[columns] [span4] [/span4][span4] [/span4][span4] [/span4][/columns] This is a delicate cardi created with cables and eyelets in the right places. The ribbon adds femininity. The cardi can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Read more in our Fall 2014 issue. Designed by Anna Stoklosa www.creative-design-art.com/creative-knitting