Embellished for the Holidays

Embellished for the Holidays Pattern - Festive 2011

Embellished for the Holidays Pattern - Festive 2011

If you are thinking of creating a new jacket for the holidays there are many opportunities to add embellished pieces to it including a large or small collar and pocket flaps. The embellished jacket is especially perfect for office functions during the holidays.The jacket used for this project was already made, taken apart and creatively embellished. Learning these new techniques will open up other opportunities to use them in a wide variety of projects.

There is always something great in knowing you can revitalize some aspect of your current wardrobe by simply replacing the collar, pocket or pocket flap, cuff, and covered buttons. Add a scarf and you have an entirely new approach to fashion from the past. It’s important to have a basic understanding of how garments are constructed and what a better way than to start taking them apart for replacement pieces.

What sets this refurbished jacket apart from the rest is that machine embroidery has also been added in candlewicking stitches for the covered buttons. Candlewicking is a hand stitch that has been around for a very long time, and what a better way to introduce it back into your fashion pieces than with covered buttons. Perhaps you have some bits and pieces of antique laces, or ribbons. Use your imagination to create your own unique piece

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Designed by Cheryl Stranges
Product & Event Specialist