Bolo Bargello Table Runner

Bolo Bargello Table Runner Pattern - Festive 2011

Bolo Bargello Table Runner Pattern - Festive 2011

When Carla asked me to design a bargello project for the magazine, I cast my mind about for a sizable project, as bargello looks so much more dramatic on a larger surface. Also, finishing is not my favourite bit of any endeavour so I like to get the maximum amount of embroidery in before having to put it together. We agreed that a table runner would fit the bill.

Once the initial sequence has been established in a bargello piece stitching can take on a relaxed meditative approach unlike the more painterly tent stitched designs. Bargello also works with the grid using it as a geometric foundation as opposed to creating a picture which tends to ignore the grid. It is wonderful to see how quickly the canvas is covered.

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Designed by Linda Pearce
Ocean Park, British Columbia