Kokimono Reading Jacket

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Kokimono Reading Jacket

In keeping with our “me time” theme, this reading jacket was designed for comfort. Worked in a cotton yarn, it is “summertime cozy”. For a more wintery version, choose a nice, medium (worsted) weight wool. To accommodate today’s technology, the sleeves have been designed to be roomy enough to hold an iPod ®, MP3 player or cell phone so that you can choose to have your phone handy or to add music while you read.
This oversized jacket was inspired by a 1950s bed jacket. The collar, sleeves, and front bands are all integrated into the body pieces. The wide wale rib adds just the right amount of surface interest to the already-textured cotton yarn.
Read more in our Summer 2014 issue.

Designed by Cynthia MacDougall
blog: cgknitters.blogspot.com
ravelry name: macknitnow

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