The York Jacket

The York Jacket
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The York Jacket


The York Jacket - model

[/span6][/columns] When I was 20 my girlfriend taught me to knit. She had no idea that she was starting a life long passion. My inability to stick to a written pattern from beginning to end without changing things along the way led to designing garments, first for my children and then for myself. Years later, my sister Lynda and I decided to start a business together. In 1997 Cabin Fever was started with a website and rented space in a photographer’s studio. Through our own dislike for sewing pieces together we have come to the Cabin Fever design philosophy: when you work your final cast off, you’re finished. Within reason, we design garments worked in one piece with minimal finishing and no sewing.

We have now become a publishing company where Lynda and I, along with 10 other Canadian designers, publish patterns under our name. To date we have self-published 7 books: Top Down for Toddlers, Button Up Your Top Down, Baby V, Teens and Tweens, Need a Hat?, Need a Sock?, Need a Baby Cardigan?, and Need a Plus Cardigan?

Several of the books have patterns for top down garments. Top down knitting fits perfectly into our no-sew concept and has other excellent fitting properties to recommend it. All of the Need a… series of books have patterns that can be knit in any gauge yarn, in any size, freeing you up to choose any yarn you fall in love with.
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