Summer Breezes Patio Quilt

Summer Breezes Patio Quilt
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Summer Breezes Patio Quilt


Summer Breezes Patio Quilt - full


It’s hard to imagine that summer could be warmed or brightened anymore, but designer Colleen Blackwell McMahon has found a way. Her patio quilts can be thrown nonchalantly over a wicker chair or draped over a picnic table or bundled onto a hammock to add another shot of colour or a touch of warmth to an otherwise glorious summer day.
A former owner of a quilt shop in Brockville, Colleen found that being a business person left her little time to create. “When I owned the store, I wanted to make something out of the beautiful fabric that would arrive, but I had to stitch a sample instead,” she says. “After five years, I was exhausted from being a sole proprietor and I wasn’t doing what I loved which is designing and making quilts.”
“I have always loved colour and texture,” Colleen continues, “and I love the challenge of putting fabric together. Whenever I do something, I do it because I am enjoying playing with the fabric.”
Starting with doll clothes, Colleen has being sewing something since a young age. Eventually, she sewed clothes for her children. But, when her mother took a quilting class, Colleen began to learn what her mother had and that is when she became a quilter.
“I love math and figuring, and I will doodle quilt designs in a notebook,” Colleen says of her designing process.
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Designed by Colleen Blackwell McMahon
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