Tips on How to Sew with Handmade Batik Rayon from Bali

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It was at the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival in Toronto, Ontario several years ago that I first saw the gorgeous handmade batik rayons of The Batik Butik. I was immediately smitten by the sophisticated designs, vivid colours and soft drape of this unique fabric and became a regular customer. When the owner, Barb Alexander, took her business wholesale, I found it very challenging to find her fabrics and so I began my own online sewing supplies business and handmade batik rayon is the mainstay of my product line. What follows are my best tips on caring for and sewing with this beautiful fabric.

About batik rayon

Rayon is probably the most misunderstood of all fibres. It is not a natural fibre, yet it is not synthetic. It is formed by regenerating natural materials into a usable form. Unfortunately, poor quality rayon was often used in low-end, poorly constructed garments that have tarnished its reputation. The batik rayons from The Batik Butik are the very best quality rayon available in Southeast Asia resulting in easy care garments that will last.
Batik rayon is most suitable for garment sewing and is flattering on all figure types. The drape of the fabric causes it to skim the body camouflaging any figure concerns. Batik rayon is breathable, closely woven with a smooth surface. The dyes are top quality resulting in colourfast fabrics. Comfort is the hallmark of this fabric!

Choosing a sewing pattern

As for any fabric, it is important to find a pattern that works with the characteristics of the fabric. A successful garment in batik rayon the pattern should be loose fitting with lots of design ease so the fabric can drape over the figure.
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Article by Catherine Goetz
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