Canterbury Rose Stained Glass Quilt

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Canterbury Rose Stained Glass Quilt

Some of the most glorious images in the world are created in stained glass, so why not create a “window” on your own world? Here is an opportunity to create your own “rose window” albeit not quite like the famous rose windows found in some of the world’s most beautiful cathedrals. The stained glass technique developed by Vancouver Island designers Susan Purney Mark and Daphne Greig allows quilters to make stained glass with fabric without the need for real glass and leading.
“We developed this technique a few years ago to make a quicker, easier method for doing stained glass,” explains Susan. “This design is an achievable project that could be completed in an afternoon.” She suggests it would be a good project for a group of friends to do as an afternoon activity. She also says it would make a lovely gift for Mother’s Day or to brighten the day of a favourite friend. She adds the technique can be adapted to other projects, for example, to embellish a vest or to make a cushion.
“We use fusible web and a form of reverse appliqué,” continues Daphne. “You could use a quilt or pillow panel for your design or a fabric with a nice scene on it.” Their project for summer is a fitting image of a rose that will remind the maker all year round of the beauty of a garden.
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Designed by Susan Purney Mark and Daphne Greig
Patchworks Studio
2552 Eastdowne Road
Victoria, British Columbia

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