Starry Sky Bag

Starry Sky Bag Pattern

Starry Sky Bag

It was a sad day last year when the only importer of Monk’s Cloth in North America had dropped the distribution line. This left all suppliers and crafters wondering who would pick up the line and when? A burning question on everyone’s mind since it’s not an easy task to do. As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to run into difficult situations, particularly with supplies, which calls to quickly come up with plan B.

WOW! What will we do without our beloved cloth to weave?

Swedish weaving is an addictive craft whose popularity has been growing over the past few years, becoming quickly the craft of choice. It’s a counted needlework and surface embroidery that uses 4-ply worsted weight yarns on a 7ct fabric (Monk’s Cloth) making the process very easy to see, weave and very fun to do!

So, what to do about the Monk’s Cloth Crisis? I have thought outside the box and my plan B is using upholstery fabrics! My thought is: if I can get a needle through it, it’s ‘weave-able’. Let the weaving begin!

A variety of items can be woven using upholstery fabrics like bags, pillows, runners, blankets and curtains. There are some readymade blankets that are weave-able with the sides already seamed (bonus!), as well as some finished pillows with zippers for easy stuffing. I also have a small carpet that is weave-able as well.

With this craft in an upswing we know someone will pick up the distribution line. But in the meantime, upholstery fabrics is where it’s at, well for me anyway, until I can get more Monk’s Cloth. Visit me at www.funandfastpatterns.ca to see what I have currently.

Choosing your fabric for the Starry Sky shoulder bag in this issue can be tricky, but I have supplies including the fabric and strap ready to be woven.

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Designed by Christine Allan
Christine’s Swedish Weaving