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rotary cutters

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Elaine’s Tech Tips

The rotary cutter was introduced to the quilt world by the Olfa® Corporation in 1979 and it didn’t take long for quilters to adopt this revolutionary cutting tool. Proper care and use of this tool is important to ensure accuracy and to prevent accidents as the blade is razor sharp.
Over the years a number of different styles have emerged, some are strictly cosmetic – a different handle colour, while others are specifically right or left handed, some have built in safety features and let’s not forget the ergonomic handles for standing or sitting!  A comfortable grip on the rotary cutter is essential. If possible try a few different brands and styles until you find one that works best for you.
Read more in our Spring 2011 issue.

Article by Elaine Theriault

Bio:  Elaine made her first quilt at the tender age of 13. The urge to quilt resurfaced when her daughter moved from a crib. The rest is history – she now teaches several days a week, makes quilts on commission and quilts for others on the long-arm.

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