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Star of the Day chair cover

Star of the Day chair cover 2

When my daughter started kindergarten I enjoyed volunteering in the classroom. It was so much fun working with the students. One day the teacher pointed out a special chair she had chosen to call the “Star of The Day” chair. She explained that each day a student would get a turn to sit in it. This would make them each feel special when it was their turn. There may have been more to it, but I remember my creativity taking over right away. I think I tend to look at things and wonder, “How can I make this more exciting”. I measured the chair when the teacher was not looking, and I decided to measure the special chair in my son’s classroom also. A couple of days later I secretly snuck two chair covers onto the students’ special chairs. The teachers were pleasantly surprised as were the students.
Last spring a teacher pulled me aside to show me the old “Star of The Day” chair cover. The seat was in tatters and she asked me if I would be able to repair it. She informed me that the kindergarten teacher who taught my daughter was retiring and would like to take it home with her. I was very touched by that. I didn’t fully realize how precious it was to her. I took it home and repaired it.
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Designed by Janine Zeck
Mrs. Zeck’s School of Fine Arts

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