Fresh Tulips Book Cover

Fresh Tulips book cover
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Fresh Tulips book cover


quilted book cover


If you don’t want fellow commuters to know what you are reading, hide your novel inside a lovely book cover. Or, if you need a gift for your children’s English teacher or a bookworm friend, these delightful covers from Calgary designer Ana Buzzalino will be sure to impress. A slow reader will also find these useful because they will look lovely as they decorate a coffee table.
While Ana designed these covers with the idea that they are a small project that can be used to learn fabric painting techniques, the design could be adapted to include a beaded design on the cover or a quilt block could be used instead of the painted motifs. “My original design covered a sketchbook,” Ana comments. “But, they can be adapted for paperback books.”
Ana is a quilter, but she was also interested in learning to paint on fabric and, while living in Argentina, she mastered the technique. When she returned home after nine years, she reconnected with her quilter support group, but decided to combine painting and quilting. The resulting combination led to the quilted and painted book covers for this project.

“My first passion is still quilting,” Ana says. “I started quilting before my first son was born and it has kept me sane through the ups and downs of life.”

Read more in our Spring 2011 issue.

Designed by Ana Buzzalino
Patches and Paint
Calgary, Alberta