Life is a Beach Table Runner

Life is a Beach Table Runner

In my travels of the world small houses have always spoken to me. Whether they are in Newfoundland, England or Oceanside California, these rows of small houses give each area a very distinctive look. I spent many holidays walking down the beach at Oceanside. I always think about how fun it would be to sit on the front porch of one of these houses with a glass of wine, facing west watching the sun drop into the Pacific Ocean.

In this pattern, I made the doors quite prominent as in many areas of the world the doors make a statement. Embellish your doors so they make a statement about you! The windows are a turned appliqué technique allowing you to make any shape of window. This appliqué technique also makes the end project very washable, which is great for kids’ quilts, table runners and placements. Use this paper pieced house pattern, fabrics from your stash (or maybe it’s time for a shopping trip!) and create houses that reflect the feeling of your favourite place in the world. Remember, life is a beach!

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Designed by Cathy McLean
Product Specialist