In the Mood Tunic

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In the Mood Tunic

KnitswissYarns is like rainbow and a treasure. You have probably noticed over the past several issues that I strive to be unique in the patterns I create for A Needle Pulling Thread. It is an immense pleasure and fun to design using my luxurious handdyed yarns.

In the Mood Tunic is no exception and is unique in many ways. I worked with three colours, Cream, Orange, Blue, that are blended together in different strengths over each skein. My KnitswissYarns Sport Weight yarn gives the tunic a very comfortable and relaxed draping that will flatter your body shape. It can be worn in several ways, off the shoulder, the side length can be worn on the left or right, over jeans or pencil skirt, depending on your style and mood. The uneven edges give the illusion of the hour glass shaping.

Don’t be shy have fun with using as many colours as you like…or work it up in one colour. It’s the perfect pattern for getting very comfortable knitting short rows.

Truly, this is a tunic for fun and happy moments.

Read more in our Issue 49.
Download the PDF pattern now.

Designed by Jacqueline Grice
Ravelry: KnitSwiss

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