Hramavik the Thunder Spirit

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Hramavik the Thunder Spirit

My Hramavik – Thunder Spirit design is the result of three sources of inspiration: a Belarusan motif pattern, the Trianglepoint stitch technique and the colour palette proposed by A Needle Pulling Thread.

A few years ago, I came across a book from our Toronto Guild of Stitchery Library entitled Trianglepoint by Sher- lee Lantz1 . The technique introduced by the author impressed me and I was inspired to blend Belarusan motifs with trianglepoint. Moreover, I hadn’t seen any pieces done in this technique and eagerly, I rushed to my computer and immediately designed some preliminary patterns. Strangely enough, for some unexplained reason these patterns were saved and put away – perhaps, they were waiting for their time… When I saw the proposed colour palette for Spring 2011, I remembered these “blue-prints” and thought it was time to dig them out!

I decided to introduce a very famous pattern of Hramavik, which is very well suited for this technique.

Download pattern.
Read more in our Spring.

Designed by Iryna Varabei
Spirit of Belarus
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Toronto, Ontario M1L 1L3
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