Hidden Secrets at St. Peter’s Abbey

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Hidden Secrets at St. Peter’s Abbey

You may not recognize the name Beverly Johnson, but there’s a good chance you have been touched by one of her many enterprises. An experienced bra-maker and proprietor of Bra-maker’s Supply in Hamilton, Ontario, Beverly has also published 4 books on bra-making, researched and printed the Trans-Canada Stitchers’ Guide, was the original Canadian educator for Sulky Threads, and is the former owner of Sew Fancy, a business that sells sewing supplies. Now, she is most often seen teaching bra making and fitting. But, in this issue of A Needle Pulling Thread, she is a quilter with a dash of her signature “unmentionables” thrown in.
The quilt was created in a challenge sponsored by the Saskatchewan Stitchers’ Conference in Muenster, Saskatchewan hosted by Humboldt’s Haus of Stitches. Everyone assumed that she would make a bra or a corset, but she decided to do something completely unpredictable. She made a quilt. Not just any quilt but a quilt to represent St. Peter’s Abbey where the conference is held.
Hidden Secrets at St. Peter’s Abbey seems to be the title that has stuck. The stained glass-style quilt tied for first place in the competition that honoured the 10th anniversary of the conference.
Read more in our Spring 2013 issue.

Beverly Johnson is the owner of Bra-makers
Supply and the author of 4 books on bra and
panty making.

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