Chair Necessaire Part 2

Scissor Fob front view
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Scissor Fob front view


Scissor Fob back view


Scissor Fob

When my husband and I purchased the furniture for our great room, we wanted to ensure that there was a recliner for each of the four of us. Not wanting four lazy boy chairs, we purchased only two and a couch, which has both ends reclining. Even with all our great intentions, the two chairs seemed to be the ones in high demand by everyone except myself. I favoured the couch, as I could lay all my stitching necessaries beside me on the middle seat. Even though I had plenty of space, everything seemed to need some organization. Patterns were covering scissors and tools, pencils rolled off the couch, and needles were always getting lost. Hence my Chair Necessaire…a place where I can tuck away all my stitching necessaries and have them at easy reach.
Over the year, you will find stitching and finishing instructions for each part of the Chair Necessaire. So join me each issue and at the end of the year your stitching necessaire will be safely tucked away and at hands reach.
Note: The entire supply list for all portions of the Chair Necessaire is in Part 1, featured in the Spring 2009 issue of A Needle Pulling Thread magazine. This issue contains only the instructions and supply list for the Scissor Fob.
Read more in our Summer 2009 issue.

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