Canadian Fall Colours Placemats

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Canadian Fall Colours Placemats

Depending on the region of Canada you live in, fall is full of leaves of many different colours, tones, shades, and hues. Last fall took me to different areas of our beautiful country. Starting in Kananaskis and Lake Louise area of Alberta, the Tamarack Pine turns a beautiful yellow and gold before loosing its needles. Against the mountains and the green of the other evergreens these trees are stunning. The week after, I was off to Ontario. The Muskoka region, north of Toronto, was my destination and before I left Alberta, I got a call letting me know I was going on a drive to look at the fall colours. Being a prairie girl, I was not prepared for sights so different from the yellow and gold tones of the grain. The reds, golds, yellows, browns, and greens in Ontario are spectacular! The many colours we enjoy in Canada are the inspiration for these ice dyed placemats.

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Designed by Cathy McLean
Product Specialist

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