Woven Pathways Quilt

Woven Pathways Quilt

hways My quilt is made for my mother who celebrates her 90th birthday this year. She taught me to sew and always encourages and supports me, particularly in my business as quilt designer, teacher, author and, recently, as a fabric designer.

When thinking about her special birthday my mind wandered to women in our family, particularly my mother, my grandmother and me. I thought of how we are linked together through the generations. As I played with the design for this one-block quilt I discovered a way to arrange 3 ‘links’ that weave in and out, one link to represent each of us.

When selecting fabrics I chose orange for my mother’s link since she loves fall colours and turquoise for me because I’m drawn to the colours of water. For the link that weaves in and out through the other links I chose purple for my grandmother. She used purple accents throughout her home. Perhaps it reminded her of thistles and her Scottish heritage. The resulting quilt is a triadic colour scheme which is a pleasing combination. I chose a fabric with strong value contrast for the background. Although it’s busy and large scale, the contrast works well and adds visual texture to the quilt. I hope you’ll select colours that have meaning for you to make your quilt.

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Designer by Daphne Greig
Pattern and Fabric Designer, Instructor
2013 Professional Quilter Teacher of the Year Nominee