The Spa Quilt

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The Spa Quilt

The Spa Quilt is the perfect project to explore your creativity. Make it as a blanket or throw using contrasting fabric colours, assorted cottons, linens, yarn embellishment, appliqués, raw edge appliqués, and decorative stitches.
Create your own elements in Row 2 using the steps for making yarn embellishments and for using the circular attachment tool. ¼” [6mm] seam allowances are used for piecing. A wider seam allowance may be preferred for joining the quilt top and backing.
Read more in our Summer 2014 issue.

Designed by Cheryl Stranges
Product & Event Specialist

  1. Muhammad

    What a wonderful way to keep alive her mmeroy. And, what a beauty tribute. My grandmother is a quilter, too and in her earlier years, she would craft beautiful quilts for me and my siblings. I always said as a teenager that one day I’d spend the time with her to learn how to quilt, but never did. She’s now 90+ and unable to use her hands to quilt, however, I would like to eventually learn the art just to keep that mmeroy of her alive.Jessica recently posted..

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