The Lure of Birchwood

The Lure of Birchwood

The Lure of Birchwood

From afar, details disappear and only silhouettes remain.

Sharp corners of my memory have softened over time.

The greater picture of things past remain and become more valuable.

From afar, everything is seen differently. Although, I remember everything.

The birches and the beauty of the birchwood are one of the natural symbols of Belarusian culture besides the cornflower, the stork and the zubr (European bison). The Belarusians love their forests, especially birchwood, the same way as the British love the ocean, the Arabians love their desert, or the Tibetans love their mountains.

My design is a tribute to my memories and love for the splendor of Belarusian nature, which I remember with all my heart.

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Designed by Iryna Varabei
Spirit of Belarus