The Ghastlies Quilt

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The Ghastlies Quilt

The Ghastlies Quilt - detail

It’s a compliment to say this quilt designed by Nicole Brewster is ghastly. In fact, the quilt by this Pickering, Ontario, designer uses a line of fabric featuring the famous cartoon characters, The Ghastlies. This is not a surprising fabric choice for someone who admits to liking the “non-traditional”.
The proprietor of the on-line fabric shop, Log Cabin Yardage, Nicole says she is attracted by the colours in fabric. When her new brick and mortar shop opens in 2012, she says visitors will be facing a riot of colour and a lot of out-of-the-ordinary. Until the doors open, visitors to her web presence can see the styles of fabric that will be in her shop, but they are also treated to a breezy and funny blog about her adventures in quilting, what’s new in stock, and how her sister keeps encouraging Nicole to knit.

“I think colour is the biggest challenge facing quilters, but that is what I love about quilting,” Nicole admits. “I like the challenge of quilting because I like working in pieces. I don’t do hand appliqué; I prefer fusible, but I enjoy the humour that can be created with appliqué.”

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Designed by Nicole Brewster

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