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Everybody has them, but what do you do with them when they have outlived their life as a wearable? It is difficult to get rid of the T-shirts, especially if they hold memories of special events, vacations, people, etc.
Instead of throwing them out or allowing them to take up storage space, why not make a quilt from those T-shirts?
The simplest form of quilting a T-shirt quilt is to cut identical sized squares from the T-shirts, add sashing between the T-shirt squares (or not), and get it quilted. While this is the quick and easy way to make a T-shirt quilt, it does lack some finesse. One of the biggest problems with this method is that the logo on each shirt is never the same size as the others. If all the blocks are cut the same size, you may end up with a tiny logo and a lot of T-shirt and you will be greatly restricted as to the number of T-shirts that can be utilized in a single quilt.
My experience with making T-shirt quilts for customers is that they usually have LOTS of T-shirts and all hold special memories. So the trick is how to incorporate all the T-shirts into one quilt.
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Article by Elaine Theriault

Bio:  Elaine made her first quilt at the tender age of 13. The urge to quilt resurfaced when her daughter moved from a crib. The rest is history – she now teaches several days a week, makes quilts on commission and quilts for others on the long-arm.

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