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Windswept Wrap

Windswept Wrap Pattern

The waves of the ocean remind me of a stitch pattern knitters know, Feather and Fan. The gentle breeze on the face, So tranquil and peaceful. Memories of the past, Moments of the future, Let’s embrace some styles from the past. I remember pictures of ladies in convertible cars with light scarves that fluttered over […]

Cabled Leftovers Neck Roll

Cabled Leftover Neckroll Pattern

What to do with leftover yarns? One of my favourite ways to used up leftover yarn is to combine it with a skein of yarn I wasn’t able to resist at my local yarn shop. Adding leftover yarn is fairly easy as a concept, but finding the right pattern can sometimes be a challenge. I […]

Berner Oberland Cabled Pullover

Berner Oberland Cabled Pullover

Growing up in Switzerland, my parents took me and my brother skiing every winter in the region of Berner Oberland. It was so easy to go skiing as the slopes were so very close to home – I miss those mountains so much. It’s no surprise to have designed this BERNER OBERLAND Cabled Pullover as […]

Quilted Zentangle Self Portrait

Quilted Zentangle Self Portrait

Zentangle is a form of artistic meditation, which creates complex intricate designs starting with an outline and finished with a ‘tangle’. It is an amazingly relaxing method of drawing lines and shapes in repetitive patterns which activate the right side of your brain to increase creativity. Zentangles is an art form created from breaking down […]