Summer Fresh and Light Necklace Set

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Summer Fresh and Light Necklace Set

Summertime, and all its glory, can gear up to be a very busy time of year. We can easily be lured into attending family events and tending our garden, making ‘Me Time’ hard to schedule.
On the blessed occasions when I find all my work done and the family is busy doing their thing, I seize the stretch of time to indulge in a craft project on the go. I’m also thrilled with the opportunity to sit and look through my tatting books or online sites for something old or new to spark my interest. As a result, the edging pattern created for Summer Fresh & Light was inspired by works in the book Priscilla Tatting Book No. 3. Published in Boston 1924, and found on:
I really enjoy finding an old pattern and picturing it recreated using new and colourful threads available to us today, and including gorgeous beads.
Recreating new pieces of tatting from old patterns is my idea of ‘Me Time’ well spent!
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Designed by Kelly Dunn

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